"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more." #randomact phase two 

Thank you for joining the Linkedin #randomact initiative based on the belief in "one" kind act at a time we can change the world. After following posts and hearing the stories of others who could benefit from being lifted and wanting to do my part, I shared my goals to help in our Linkedin Community and to my heart's delight, a movement was born. From job search, housing, food, clothing, health, and emotional needs, to any service you see, we can all pitch in. We invite you and your network to step up and join us to reach the goal of at least 1,000 random acts of kindness by 12/31/2018. 

Rene' Johnson, The Power Zone Coach and our fabulous Team of Network Leaders!



Completed Random
​Acts Of Kindness


* Our total is updated daily, not automatically. We know more have been completed, but can't count it unless recorded in our form.

How You Can Get Involved?

Here are (4) ways you can help raise the "kindness" vibration in our Linkedin Community. 

  • Do a #randomact

    No act is too small, and every act has a ripple effect beyond what you may realize. From job search, housing, food, clothing, health, and emotional needs, to any service you see, we can all pitch in. We encourage you to do at least one during this campaign and will welcome as many as you desire. We ask you to use our form to post your act so we can see the progress as a community. You have the option to remain anonymous too. So please don't let that stop you. As Marianne Williamson said ~ "Your playing small does not serve the world." 


    One act alone can't change the world, but can change a life. Imagine your network stepping up and leading a movement, sharing acts of kindness and touching so many hearts on Linkedin and off. You are invited to join us! How? Simply follow the #randomact hashtag and like and comment on posts to keep spreading the word. Create your own posts and tag us and the "hashtag" - we'd love to support any initiative you start in your network. Feel free to reach out to any of our leadership team and share ideas and support you may need.


    We see this as a #linkedinfamily movement and as a result of your sharing we went VIRAL our first week, and surpassed our initial goal. We would love for you to continue to share the #randomact posts you see and to create your own and include the hastag so we can support you. Sharing is caring  - and spreads more acts of kindness all over the world! #InItTogether


    Ready to take this to the next level with us? Being an Ambassador means: 
    1: You are an example of "kindness" in your network, and would enjoy creating more. 

    2: You'll support our movement by spreading the word and kindness through - doing random acts, sharing the messages, inviting others to join the movement and encouraging them to post their act of kindness in our tracking form. 

    3: You and your team leader will work closely together during two weeks of the campaign where your team of ambassadors will be the host, and together you can create fun ways to share and engage others and increase the acts of kindness throughout Linkedin. It is during these non-consecutive weeks, you're asked to share your team's daily posts and tag new people to engage and grow your own network relationships. Contact a team leader below for more details.They are all wonderful!

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  • Our First Video Stories and Videos to Inspire You

    Launch Video:  10/8/18 #randomact phase 2  - hear what all the excitement is about and how this went VIRAL!  View in Linkedin


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    Kindness Stories:  We've had the privilege of highlighting many of your stories  of #randomact kindness in our videos, in case you missed the first two, here they are. Video 1: View in Linkedin  Video 2:  View in Linkedin

    Workplace Kindness: As professionals on Linkedin there are many ways we can use kindness in the workplace. View in Linkedin


    Lollipop Moments:  Do you know about Lollipop moments? This is a great tedtalk from Drew Dudley that demonstrates exactly how powerful a random act can be. View in Youtube


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  • See What Our #randomact Ambassadors Are Up To

    Ambassador Appreciation Week - View in LinkedIn

Our Team and Mission

Every BIG DREAM needs a dedicated team of leaders behind it! Our mission is to be examples of the movement we are creating and serve in a way that excites and inspires you to step up and help us be the CHANGE we want to see in the world.

"Leadership is not a position or title; it is a decision and an example of service."  

There are many ways to contribute and we'd love to have you join any. If interested in becoming an ambassador, any of these leaders would be happy to have you on their team. Please reach out by just clicking on the Linkedin image below in any of the profiles and send an email to request to become an ambassador! Also, be sure to follow each of us for daily posts and ideas of how to share #randomact of kindness!

René Johnson

RandomAct Founder

As The Power Zone Coach, I empower business leaders, executives and emerging leaders who are ready to breakthrough to their "inner" leader and ACTIVATE the magic in their Power Zones, significantly grow their business results and make a difference with the world through their influence. I'm an international leadership coach, inspiring speaker and author of Leaving Your Comfort Zone. Finding your leadership WHY can make the most significant difference in your life and business. "I believe service is the blood of life, the more we give, the more life we have."  Grateful for all who have joined this powerful and inspiring movement.

Tanya Pirie

RandomAct Team Leader

I'm a solution focused leader and who has worked in non-profit organizations and beyond; bringing together diverse groups to make a difference. I understand the importance of creating a culture that ignites the heart-beating people you’re working with and solving problems together. Leading with positivity and inclusivity as an advocate for mental health, seniors; and people with disabilities, and humankind.  I'm passionate about kindness and positive change and thrilled to be a leader of #randomact. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
~ Ghandi 

Tanya Yeager

RandomAct Team Leader

A Colorado native, transplanted to Las Vegas 20 years ago, I have a 15-year-old son and I enjoy spending time with my long-term partner enjoying the outdoors and volunteering whenever we can for good causes. I work in business development and operations for a technology company specializing in white labeled loyalty programs for private clients worldwide, in several languages across multiple industries. Passionate, hardworking and driven by kindness. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” - Dali Lama

Jill Sullivan

RandomAct Team Leader

I'm a passionate, creative, hardworking chef who has owned and operated my own business, The Tiki lounge smoothies and paninis. Head Chef for The Johnson Mill inn and gardens BNB catering all wedding breakfasts and cooking the breakfast each morning for customers and the many celebrities who stayed there. Also, a Head chef for many recovery centers and Kitchen manager for the Daniels Academy. It's always a pleasure getting to know those I serve, on a more personal level sharing delicious food, and a caring personality.  I'm looking forward to supporting and leading #randomact to the next level. “ENJOY THE JOURNEY”

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